Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Okay, okay, thank you very much - Parliament is making cuts

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting have gone all guerrilla media.

Refusing to take "bugger off" for an answer, the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting tracked down Conservative MP Kelly Block, and Conservative candidate for Saskatoon-Rosetown-Biggar, at a Stephen Harper photo opt to ask the daring question "where do you stand on CBC funding"?

This video highlights the narrow-mindedness of the Tories. It pours hot maple syrop on the notion that the Conservatives are governing on behalf of all Canadians. While meeting with organizations that have opposing views may not be a perk for an MP, it is part of their job once elected. The fact that the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting had to ambush Conservative MP Kelly Block during an election to present a petition signed by her constituents speaks volumes. Had she met with them months ago, as they requested, the video would not have been made. Instead she attempts to sidestep the question with "Oh, I am so busy in Ottawa." While attendance records are kept secret, stats compiled by Howtheyvote.ca suggests that she has not been terribly vocal. In fairness, Kelly Block has not been as quiet as many of her Conservative colleagues, but for less chatty than NDP and Liberal MPs.

What is more offencive - even when confronted with her refusal to meet and receive a petition signed by her constituents, she still attempts to give the messenger the run around. Half listening, half wondering when her handler will save her, she ignores his "we have attempted to meet you on your terms" plea by responding that elections are no time to debate issues. Could you imagine Jack Layton, when confronted by a representative of the Taxpayers Federation, saying "I am sorry, but an election is no time to talk about taxes"?

Refusing to meet with voters, avoiding candidate debates, deflect policy questions = Saskatchewan Conservative MPs at work. Speaking on behalf of Saskatchewanians nowhere.

On a related note, the excellent and energetic Regina-based ensemble Library Voices provided the sound track to the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting video. Library Voices are returning to Ottawa as part of the Prairie Scenes exhibition highlighting the talented artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers from the northern flat lands. Whether you were one of the tens catching them at Mavericks or one of the hundreds seeing them at Bluesfest, you know Library Voices means a good time will be had (April 29th - Mavericks). Other performances worth catching:

Alex Rogalski curating the One Take Super 8 - Alex and the Anti-Chamber compadres established this festival in Regina in 1990s and has since expanded the concept to other city. Catch a choice sample of the prairies super 8s.
Mike Rollo an award winning film maker reaches into the archives for Still/Move as part of the From Winnipeg to Saskatoon showing.
A number of wonderful authors will be showcaste in A Place on The Prairies at the enchanting Mayfair Theatre.
As seen on TV, but much funnier live - Tisdale, the land of rape and honey, native Brent Butt is at the NAC.

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Michel Vanderby said...

Fantastic video! I really hope the level of contempt that the Conservatives have towards Canadians and their institutions filters down to those Canadians that only pay attention to politics from afar. Loved the music, loved the graphics and the information. Great build-up to the stonewalling answer that has marked all the Conservatives candidates this election (with the exception of Trost). Great job!